Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The breast punch

Breasts are important targets in self defense against a female attacker. Hits on the breasts cause sickening pain that can incapacitate the opponent.

Erika shows us how to properly deliver a punch to the opponent's breasts.

1) Erika strikes Anita's breast with a jab. Erika aims to the nipple, effectively squeezing the breast against the ribcage, and delivering a great amount of pain.

2) Alternatively, Erika strikes the lower side of the breast, from below, a very sensitive place.


Anonymous said...

yes the breast strike is very painfull. however if your going to use an uppercut to the breast make sure you drive the breast upwards so its droveup into the chest wall.to bruise the mussel underneath.this may make the arm useless if you bruise or tear the mussel

Anonymous said...

I dunno - it looks to me like the brunette likes it

Anonymous said...

Uhh...why is she topless?

Anonymous said...

Would my attacker have hands folded backwards?